​Your purchase will be shipped 3-7 days after it has been completed. We offer a Youtube video of your amp working and being tested that we can send to you before your amp is shipped.

If a return is needed please notify us first. We cover all parts we put in the unit repaired except the transistor / tubes. We accept and repair many different types of commercial and custom amplifiers but would like notice on what may show up. Email us at for more details.

Refund Policy:

All sales are final! Refunds are not given on wait time issues or build time status. The customer has been notified that there is an incredibly long wait list for build products. The customer has been made fully aware at time of purchase the time it will take for the product to be worked on. No refunds are given after sales purchase. If customer requests refund they will be informed that they have to wait until the amplifier has been repaired and we will help facilitate the sale of the device to also help maintain warranty and other issues... at that time a refund will be issued.


This policy is in place to safeguard the company from being left with thousands of dollars of parts due to the fact that we purchase all components upon completion of payment.


At Box Builder Idaho we value the privacy of our customers and do not share customers' private information with third parties.

Payment Policy:

Payment in full must be received before your repair can be completed. Repair costs will be discussed prior to starting and you will be given the option at that time to make the payment in full or drop a spot on the list if you need more time. If payment cannot be made at time of repair storage and late fees will be applied. Due to the large amount of repairs being held for non payment this policy will be effective immediately.

Conditions of Use:

Please follow all FCC rules and regulations regarding radio operation in your area.

For experimental, medical, or export use only.  Not to be used on 11 meter (CB band).


Box Builder Idaho cannot be held responsible for your 1. lack of knowledge 2. lack of electrical system 3. lack of antenna system. All parts are generally under warranty with the exception of "transistors." Each box is thoroughly tested in RMS and PEP modes input and output tunes and is documented by video. We cannot be held for any damage incurred in shipping which will fall to the responsibility of the shipping agency used. Most boxes, with BBI's recommendation, are insured for twice their value and are packaged at a third party that is licensed and insured to meet packing standards. We at BBI thank you!